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There are important issues to resolve when dividing marital property. The first matter is to determine what IS marital property, and the second is to place a value on that property so it can be divided equitably between the partners.

Child Representation

During our consultation we make sure parents understand their options and have the information they need to make good decisions on every detail of the child custody and child support agreement so they can minimize problems later.

LGBT Rights

As a country we are moving forward in granting LGBT full rights and equality.  The laws around in this are still in the process of evolving.  It is important that you ensure your rights of you and your partner no matter how the laws may change going forward.  For consultation on these matters, contact our office today.

Why The Boyd Law Firm?

Mr. Boyd is a family law attorney in Oak Park that truly wants to find the best solution for you. Mr. Boyd has over 15 years of experience practicing Family Law in Cook County and Western Suburbs as well as advocating for what is best for the child. The Boyd Law Firm has another member, Jasper, our therapy dog that works to try and make this process a little easier for everybody involved.

The Boyd Law Firm represents clients from the Chicago area including Cook County and western suburbs including Oak Park, Forest Park, Berwyn, Cicero, Elmwood Park and Franklin Park. Mr. Boyd is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Michigan.