Child Representation

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Mr. Boyd is a Child Representative that truly wants to find the best solution for the children involved. Mr. Boyd has years of experience practicing Family Law in Cook County and Western Suburbs as well as advocating for what is best for the child. The Boyd Law Firm has another member, Jasper, our therapy dog who works to make this process a little easier for everybody involved.

What is a Child Representative?

The divorce process is very challenging for everybody involved. In some instances it is important to have an impartial individual represent the children in such cases. A child representative is an attorney for the parties’ child or children that advocates what the child representative finds to be in the best interests of the child or children after reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case. A guardian ad litem (GAL) is also known as a child representative. As a child representative it is important to understand all aspects of the case. The child representative will hear from all interested parties before forming a position on what is in the best interest of the child. While the court is not required to take the same position as the child representative, the court does rely on the child representative to provide reliable information to the court.

Qualifications of a Child Representative

In Cook County, lawyers who wish to represent children must have practiced in the area of child welfare or child advocacy for several years and go through a screening process including an interview by a committee appointed by the Presiding Judge. They must attend a certain number of trainings provided by the court and have had experience litigating a custody case. Mr. Boyd has completed the qualifications and has experience as a child representative.

Jasper – Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog, Child Representative

Jasper is the firm’s 4 year old Golden Retriever, who is now on staff as a full time therapy dog. His goals are to make our client’s feel less anxious when meeting with Mr. Boyd. Going through a divorce is a very emotional and stressful time that a lot of client’s go through. Jasper will be there to help our client’s who are going through this rollercoaster emotion feel more at ease and, for just a moment, calm and relaxed.

As a child’s representative, Mr. Boyd will have the assistance of Jasper when meeting with the minor children during the interviewing process. Children really don’t have a say when parents are going through a divorce and can get caught in the cross fire between parents. Jasper will be able to make them feel loved and will playfully give the children the attention they deserve, while the children will also be giving him the attention that he deserves.