Tavo Boyd – Legal Assistant and Office Manager


Tavo Boyd has been employed with The Boyd Law Firm, P.C. for over 10 years. Tavo, along with the responsibilities of being the office manager, also has the responsibility for the drafting of pleadings, client scheduling and court dates. Tavo will also assist Mr. Boyd with client court appearances.

Tavo has been employed in many office positions such as, debt collections, customer service, administrative assistant, and worked as a regional manager for American Express.

Tavo feels he has the responsibility to know all of the clients of The Boyd Law Firm, P.C. on a personal level so the trust between clients and frim stay strong and healthy. Each client Tavo speaks with is important to him. Whether it is regarding their case, legal questions, or assisting in the completion of documents. It is important to Tavo to know and meet each client’s needs no matter what they may be.